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    Threaded ring double suspension

    Somebody was asking about a double hammock single suspension, and I thought of Dutch's Double Hammock Whoopie Hooks. It made me think of something.

    How about a ring that gets threaded into the continuous loop when it is made. The ring has channels on either side that allow the continuous loop through, and a hole in the center for a spreader bar. Below the ring is a rubber band that can be used to secure the ring in place (or something to serve this function).

    In this way, people who want to do a double suspension can use whatever individual suspensions they want.

    Has anyone made something like this, or something that serves the same purpose?
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    Not sure what this will look like. If you make your ring suspension please post photos or video.
    Lots of times I describe suspensions or knots. And I’m sure most people do not get a mental image of what I tried to describe. I do post videos from time to time.

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