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    I learned with the Marlin Spike and whoopie slings. I never carried hardware for the MSH, however. I found that anywhere I would hang had plenty of natural toggles.

    I've since gone to a tree strap to continuous loop Becket hitch. I assume you could Becket hitch to your woopie sling and then use the adjustability of the woopie.

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    Thankyou all for the ideas. The reason I asked is because I came across a hammock on the classifieds , and it came with whoopi slings and 6" tree huggers. The fixed end of the whoopies are attached directly to the gathered end of the hammock, and I may add a continuous loop/ small carabiner to give added length potential.
    For the whoopi/hugger attachment point, the marlinspike method looks good to me, as you can put that anywhere on the strap. I am concerned the strap length may not be sufficient as some trees here are pretty large in circumference. I can think of two nearby Eucalyptus that are perfect distance apart, but these straps won't even make it all the way around the tree.

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