1.5 spider works great with marlin spike, simple and sold, haven't used a beckett. It does tend to want to bunch up at knots and takes a second or two to flatten after use. It is no problem in the summer, might be a pain in cold weather, I'll know in few months.

I got the sewn-in dutch clips and was concerned with the tendency for the sewn loop to slide and gum up at one end of the narrow slot causing the angle of the opposite "hook" end to be off as well. I neglected to check the attachment once after doing some after-dark adjustments on a difficult 22-foot plus tree gap with a sub 30 degree angled suspension and it had slipped off enough that the sharp little Ti hook pierced the webbing. Surprisingly, that is what held me for the night. Lesson learned and it gave me even more confidence in the toughness of this impossibly thin ribbon-like webbing.

To solve the problem I just wrap the webbing loop around the slotted side of the dutch clip two or three turns and the doubled up extra wraps provide enough thickness and rigidity under tension to keep everything square and in proper alignment. No problems since then.

I love the complete versatility of having 12 foot, clippable tree straps that together compact smaller than a deck of cards and weigh about 60 grams, perfect for the big *** trees in Western Washington. Only thing I'd do differently is go for the full fifteen foot option. I haven't needed the extra length yet but came within about eight inches last weekend on a monstrous cedar.