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    Membrane 10 Needle Holes and Down

    So I have been working on my first top quilt using membrane 15 & 10 fabrics from RSBTR, with down from Allied Linens waiting in the wings to fill. It has been going well and I am enjoying the DIY challenge. I am at the point in the quilt making where the baffles are sewn onto the outer shell layer and I am sewing them to the inner shell to complete each baffle. Although I had been being mindful of keeping the fabric rolled up under the machine arm securely out of the way, I accidentally let some slip under the presser foot and had to rip out about 6 inches of seam across the inner layer of the quilt fabric. It is on a chamber section where there won't otherwise be any stitches.
    Mem10 removed stitch holes.jpg

    It was a definite bummer and I want to be sure I don't overdo it on trying to get the holes sealed up to prevent down leakage. I am wondering if a few minutes in the dryer on low will close them up without risk of damaging the quilt. Otherwise I could cut small strips of tenacious tape and seal them inside before filling with down. Obviously my preference would be to avoid a patch repair like that before the quilt is even finished.

    Here are a couple of pics of the quilt baffle layouts in process before I started joining the inner and outer layer.

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    Normally, you can take the needle holes between your fingers and rub it together with some firmness and it will seal those up.

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