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    Who's on First - sub-forum suggestion

    Occasionally I want to ask a moderator a question and I'm guessing various moderators are responsible for content if the different forum. Perhaps you could put a sticky at the in the sub-forums indicating who to contact.

    Specifically, I added a post to the end of the Events sub-forum for NW (Oregon). I was asking a question about the Frog Lake gathering and wanted to upload two photos. Something was going wonky in the upload process - I watched the "clock" spin for a while on the Mac. It looked like the photo I wanted up update was 1 MB and I though it would be much smaller. So I shrunk it down to about 350KB and tried again - because I didn't see the original in Image Management.

    I wasn't too concerned because text there says an image will be deleted if it is not used in x amount of time. So I just selected the 350KB image to post in my reply and left the other larger one (duplicate name: MoreTrees) alone. I figure that will take care of itself.

    Then I looked at my post and saw three images. The two I uploaded with descriptive text above and a copy of the second one inside a thin line rectangle with the words "Attached Thumbnails" on it. Maybe I will go away if move off of hammock forums and back again - some kind of refresh glitch.

    But I figured I'd ask a moderator was didn't know who to contact. I knew I could find someone; I've ask question in the past. But I thought it would be nice if such contact info was in a sticky at the top.

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    The only area that has an assigned moderator is the Market Place (FS, WTB, & WTT) and even there we will do a first see, handle it. The rest is done based on first one to see it, handles it. If you look at the top of each page you will find a quick link button. There you can pick out who to send a PM to or you can use the triangle at the bottom of each post to report it (this pings all of us).
    TOS Terms of Service Link
    Guidelines to New For Sale Section Link
    How to obtain access & maintain your threads in For Sale Section Link
    Guidelines for Want to Buy (WTB) Section
    Hammock Acronyms

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    I thought Who was on second. I dont' Know is on third. What is on first. You'll have to ask Abbot about the others!

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