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oldpappy, I recall a suggestion to rig the tarp on a separate line, independent of the hammock suspension itself. The reasoning was, it was difficult to get the desired tautness on the tarp because the distance of the attachment point is changed on the hammock suspension itself when someone was in or out of the hammock. And you didn't want to load of the stress on the tarp ridge line more than necessary. I watched a lot of HH youtube videos and finally got the courage to swap out the original line for a continuous loop to a ring. Then I attach what I want to the ring - whoopie sling, webbing, daisy chain. I never used that knot shown in the instructions. My estimating is probably not a good as others because it seems I always have to make a slight adjustment after the hammock is up. That means easy connections at the tree end; i.e. not knots. But the "locking the line with two repel rings" method served me well for a long time.
Thank you for your comment.
That's why I use an elastic cord on the tarp with a prusik knot.