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    Dutchware used to have Wilderness Logics products for sale on his website in the past so it would not be unusual to have a page with the name in the address. It's not unusual that there might be an orphan page with no products remaining still on the Dutchware server. Google will find and link to that page as it would any other page on the site.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ewker View Post
    I find it interesting that if you Google Wilderness Logics the first thing that pops up is this

    Wilderness Logics - DutchWare wilderness-logics
    Quote Originally Posted by GilligansWorld View Post
    Any chance somebody bought the "algorithm" So to speak so that it directes you to his website?

    I don't know maybe he bought the domain?

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    I regularly sold Wilderness logics products as Marty often purchased mine. I don't own the domain name, it is just the weird way Google works.
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