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    I'm a big boy. 6'4 275 and my gf likes to lounge in it w/ me. Went 1.7 outer, 1.6 inner.

    Many reasons I went dl. Rumor is, less likely to have bugs bite u thru it. I wanted a higher weight rating. I may...hope not but u never know...use some form of full or partial pad in the future and dl is so much easier for that. I dont mind a little extra weight.

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    Best fabric for Raven?

    Quote Originally Posted by unicornv007 View Post
    Overkill for me? Any suggestions from some experienced guys... Papa Smurf gave me some great information (huge help there) but looking to see if anyone has any similar issues and how they may have solved it.

    Id be interested to know the advice Papa Smurf gave you. Ive got a similar height/weight along with a shoulder issue so I want the best chance of a comfy hammock for my back.

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