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    My order is supposed to come in today according to tracking. Suspense!

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    Introducing 1.0 oz MONOLITE Ripstop Nylon Mesh

    Had a few hours yesterday to sew the Monolite hammock..

    Very easy to work with as others have mentioned. Doesn't compress as much as other fabrics.. the end gather is substantially larger than any other fabric I have worked with.

    I am pleasantly surprised at the comfort this crazy light fabric offers. I was expecting it to be extremely stretchy. I found being able to see the underquilt valuable. I just bought a HG Phoenix and its' maiden voyage was under the Monolite. I see a massive gap at the foot end that I would have surely missed under a more opaque fabric.

    I'll have to spend a few nights back-to-back to really determine whether it's a viable option for multiday trips or if it's just a novelty.

    Still have to add the side pull outs so I haven't weighed it yet.

    If it proves comfortable I am going to add a removable Half Wit style bug net..

    Edit... Done. With side pull outs and dynaglide CLs it weighs exactly 8 ounces in a DCF bishop bag.
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