My wife and I are just about to try this hammock camping thing. Here is a list of the gear that I have and or am about to obtain.

Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock $16.50
Kelty Noah's Tarp - 12' x 12' Its big but it is to cover 2 hammocks!? $70
I do have 2 other small cheap 3m x2m tarps also.
REI Trekker 1.75 Self-Inflating Pad – R Value is 4.2! $64.50
Big Agnes Lost Ranger +15 Sleeping Bag $176
Mad Rock Ultralight Straight Wire Gate Carabiner $6 x 2 =$12

I have Paracord and shock cord for the tieouts. I have some good webbing and I am thinking about a few of those climbing descender rings.

We are not doing any winter backpacking yet… We will not be out under 35 f at night. I was figuring if we started going out when it is colder to get some wide closed cell foam and possibly some underquilts.

Currently the idea is to stay reasonably cheap and light and compact. I am doing most of the carrying.

1st hang will be a high of aprox 55 f and a low of aprox 35 f on the Washington coast in the rain and ocean breeze.

We are sparing the expense of new down bags for the packing size and weight – My old synthetic 0 degree bags pack down to 9”x20” and the new Big Agnes bags pack down to 8”x8”…

Any comments or suggestions? I am completely new to this.

I have been going through the forum and I have watched all the videos here.