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    Jarbidge 3 Season vs HG Econ Phoenix 20/30

    So I am looking to purchase either the AHE Jarbidge 3 season or the HG Econ Phoenix 20 or 30, and looking to get some advice. This essentially comes down to a down vs synthetic debate with cost removed since they are very similarly priced.

    My purposes: 3 season backpacking (1 or 2 night trips) mainly. Mid-atlantic and northeast. Some warmer winter nights (temps won't get too far below 20 degrees F). I sleep hot and have no problem wearing layers to bed if I need to.

    I want something easy to setup, durable, versatile, and long-lasting. I feel that both of these underquilts are similar in these regards (based off of reviews people have posted for each), but if one is better than the other with respect to these concerns when directly compared to each other, then please let me know.

    Weight difference between the two is on the order of a few ounces, so that doesn't make a huge difference to me. Pack size is less important to me than the items above, but still somewhat important. If anyone could compare the pack size of these two then that would be helpful (I haven't seen a pic of them side by side and piecing this together through videos is proving difficult).

    The utilitarian in me wants me to go synthetic because of the better insulation provided by synthetic in humid conditions or if my bag gets a little wet during a hike, but I haven't heard much about how the treated down in the HG quilts compares to climashield APEX in these conditions. Can anyone speak to that? If the down performs just as well, and there are no durability or ease of setup concerns with the HG phoenix, then that is an obvious choice to save a few ounces. But if there are utilitarian performance concerns with the down as compared to the synthetic, then I think the Jarbidge is the way to go.

    So there's my braindump. If anyone could provide any insight or advice that would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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    I have both, and have to say I prefer the Phoenix, mostly for the suspension. Unless they have changed it since I bought mine (it has been a while), the Jarbidge has attachment at four corners, with no shock cord running the length. I prefer the cord run the length of the quilt, along the sides. I feel this allows it to hug the sides of the hammock better. The Phoenix also has draft collars. For me, the Phoenix is easier to get adjusted properly. I have never had problems with my down wetting out, and I have been through some pretty good rains. Both companies are very high-quality, and you won't go wrong with either one. Just my 2 cents, hope it helps.
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    Thanks for the info. Maybe the Phoenix is a better choice then.

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