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    Quote Originally Posted by bitti View Post
    Well, if you read above, I'm in Europe so I really don't know about "cheaper".

    A Long version of 20 F Economy Incubator costs $166. Plus $49 shipping to Europe means $215, which is 200 €. After 24 % VAT and 3.7 % tarif that becomes 257 €. I paid a total of 264 € for my Cumulus Selva here in Finland (incl. shipping), so it was only 7 € more (and if I had ordered directly from Cumulus, it would have been 256 € incl. shipping). (And Selva is made with 850 European cuin goose down, which is equal to about 900 American cuin, whereas Economy Incubator is 800 American cuin duck down).
    I agree with you... I´m sorry, I forgot to explain that my comment was comparing to the Arrowhead Potomac.
    The prices go up for me too, because I´m in Uruguay, South America, and have to pay for the delivery and taxes...

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    Quote Originally Posted by bitti View Post
    I haven't yet spent a night in the setup, but based on my day testing I'm really happy with my purchase.
    During the weekend I now had time to spend a night in the setup. I used the tie-outs to spread out the hammock. Temperature dropped to -1 C (30 F) during the night, with a litle of wind and a just a tiny bit of rain now and then. I was warm the whole night in the 20 F Cumulus Selva and my Haglöfs 30 F sleeping bag as a top quilt. Didn't even think about releasing the tie-outs for a more cocoon-like setup. Didn't notice any cold air channels either.

    So all in all I feel Cumulus Selva works almost perfectly with Hennessy hammocks, even with tie-outs.

    It would have been nice to try the setup in a little bit colder weather, but it seems that spring has arrived in Finland, so I may have to wait until the autumn for that.

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