I've been sleeping in my hammock every night.

Recently, I've been waking up from pain at the back of my head. The fabric is pulled tight behind my head, making it hard, not squishy or conforming.

I've attempted to resolve the problem by shifting my position in the hammock closer to the foot end, closer to the head end, shifting my weight left and right in the hammock, changing lay angle, fiddling with anchor heights, tweaking the adjustable ridgeline, and various combinations of those adjustments.

Everything else feels great! I seem to have a decent range of acceptable parameters that result in great comfort - except the back of my head.

I'm in a 1.7 wide Dutch netless. What a steal from his $30.00 inventory reduction sale!

I tried a 1.1 SLD Tree Runner. What a steal of a starter package! Though I found the fabric too stretchy for my 195 pounds, I don't recall my head hurting. I'll try it again tonight to confirm.

I would prefer to not raise my head by placing a pillow or something else under it. Though an obvious consideration, I'll reserve that option as a last resort.

Do any of you wily veteran hangers have any pearls of wisdom to offer that might help?

Am I doing something wrong? My insecurity knows no bounds!

Or is the answer simply to continue to fidget about - which I admit to finding enjoyable and interesting - in search of the perfect lay ?

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