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    Winter style :)
    that is what I did for my costco quilts
    I sleep in a hammock full time and this is my go to setup for it and no breakage no issues my one snap that is up further might come unsnapped once in a while ? but its quite a ways up near my thigh so no biggy as far as the foot box idea think of laying your quilt flat then folding in both sides to form it in half so 1/4 folded over on one side and the other the same way

    the footbox part think of it like this the quilt is laying flat as above the top part is the female part that goes into the male part that is also pointing up so that way when snapped the upper half kinda folds over (not sure if that makes sense) but kinda forms more a overlap so never get any air venting etc..

    even my boys at 10 sleeps like a little mad man in his and never unsaps the bottom part
    yikes not sure how long I have used it ike this maybe 2 years full time

    also have one on the upper most corners to form around my neck area and keep it together like my HG quilts have the draw string but never find I need more then the snap for daily sleeping

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    I use KAMSnaps to close up the footbox of CDT top quilts. Works good, plenty strong. They have never come undone accidentally.

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