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    DIY Winter Tarp
    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Gillam View Post
    I am heading to Georgia next weekend to hike the Georgia section. While I realize that a hammock is a fine choice, I don't have a ton of experience hanging in strong winds or severe storms and am thinking about taking a tent. Should I be greatly concerned about using a hammock in these types of weather?

    For the record, I plan on using my Ridgerunner hammock and a 12 foot CF tarp with doors...which leads into my second question.

    Do I need shock cord on the corner tie out points or can I run a hard line? I've heard people do it both ways.

    Thanks in advance.
    I have used my CF tarp is very nasty weather and it was fine. If the weather gets severe its best to find a shelter and ride it out. That being said there is a much greater chance your stuff will get wet in a tent in bad weather than a properly set up hammock. Just try to find an area with some natural wind breaks and you should good. Also, after you put your stake in the ground put a rock on top of it and warp the cordage around it as already suggested. That has saved me from loosing a tarp corner in a lot of storms.

    I use a combo of shock and hard line on my CF tarp. They are called line tensioners. I find them useful on all my tarps. I used the tension from them and just marlin spike my stake in and it works great for me and is a knot free way to stake the tarp out. I'd don't think I'd hard line it to the ground so tight it won't flap since the material doesn't have much stretch but to each their own.

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    When possible, instead of stakes, I tie guy lines to trees or bushes. I think they are less likely to give way than stakes in rain and wet ground.
    In moderate to heavy winds and rain, I cross corner guy lines like an x in front of tree Iím hanging on and then wrap lines twice around tree at ground level in a round turn and tie with secure knot.
    In extreme wind and rain I tie corners of tarp together and also all end loops together. This seals like an upside down envelope. And is not connected to trees at bottom. When wind gusts, entire tarp and hammock swing back and forth in unison. The tarp ridgeline is under tarp.
    I do not use any break away split rings or elastic bands.
    Main disadvantage of last two plans; is very small footprint and little or no room to standup or walk around orómake coffee

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