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    Quote Originally Posted by jcksparow View Post
    Yes, the Smokies have some unnecessarily cryptic regulations. This is my understanding of the rules: If you're a thru-hiker, you're required to stay in the shelters--unless the shelter is full, in which case you have to set up your tarp/hammock in the vicinity of the shelter area. If you're a section-hiker, you're required to reserve your spots in the shelters and aren't permitted to set up tents/hammocks whatsoever. Here's the best part: If you, as a thru-hiker, come upon a shelter that has space available, not only are you required to camp there--you're required to relinquish your spot in the shelter to any section-hiker who rolls into camp with a reservation. It's one thing to require hikers to stay in the vicinity of the shelters, but these rules are unrealistic.
    Not to mention, thru-hikers are required to purchase the same permit as section-hikers. But they don't get equal treatment with regards to the shelters.

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    Thanks jcksparow I didn't know such a rule existed.Sooooo stealth hanging it is.

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    If you are going to be a SOBO, you wonít need gear that heavy or bulky for the first half of your trip. You may want to start with something lighter and smaller for the warm summer days and then mail yourself and swap gear as nights get cooler. For warmer nights you could look into the ultralight pad from thermarest at 8.8oz.

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    I got an Econ burrow wide so I can use it for hammocks or ground.

    Iím pretty impressed. I donít regret getting the regular one at all.

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    I got a econ line 20* set, I've only hiked a couple small hikes so far, and I like to say my youth doesn't mind the small amount of extra weight. But my body doesn't like the beer gut my left over money went to.

    Oh, the quilts are nice too, was plenty toasty at 35*.

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