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I have four yards of this fabric and have done nothing with it.. Primarily be because I fear the finish weight. If I do sew a hammock up it will be for car camping or backyard only.
Mine came out to 12.3oz for the green one (11' 3" in the pictures) and 11.7oz for another one (10' 9" for the wife) which compared to a 1.6 HyperD (11') at 11.46oz is insignificant to me.

I've got a 1.1 Ripstop one that is 11' 2" that weighs in at only 8.25oz. That's right at a 4oz difference which I do consider "significant", but I'm back to being over 200lbs (whoops - thanks a lot "winter" and "craft beer") and I really kind of like the feel/lay of the airwave better over that hammock for some reason.

(those weights are with the bags but no straps)