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    Excited to get my Treem recently, and I've been modifying it to use the square aluminum cinch buckles. I like their engineering with no hard edges and lots of surface area to cinch down, hopefully working well for the tension setup.

    Also the square shape plays better for pulling out to the edges for a bridge, where pulling in a straight line to a gathered end hammock seemed to require proper wrapping and tilt avoidance. So larks heads on the corners could be fun instead of following the original double-larks on the ring.

    Trouble is this means I can't nest the larks, need to splice them on... well... no problem, splicing practice!!


    Still newish to splicing, made some whoopies years ago. This time I decided to play with locked brummel eyes with a full tapered bury on the hammock ends, and the tuck-bury eye splice around the cinch buckles.


    The tuck-bury eye splice seems pretty cool and allows the bury to be a little shorter. It wasn't really necessary here and took a LOT of extra time. I did the 8 locked brummels in ~2hrs, then another couple to figure out the first tuck-bury and setup the others, then 1 more hour to finish each tuck-bury.


    For the ends at first I hoped I could tape them with glitter tape or something and they'd serve as cool rain-drip bling, but even sticking with the heavy 1/8" amsteel the half-fibers are too small to really do much with so I just taped them all to the core.

    As for the Treem itself I've only had the chance to set it up once, but I love the quality of materials and elegance of design. It feels like it will last a long time!

    I'll add more about how it works out after I finish things up and take it out with my new Winter Haven!

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    Nice work with the splicing & good luck with the Treem & Winter Haven combo, Daeluin.
    Mountain views are good for the soul....& getting to them is good for my waistline.

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