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    Gear Sling

    I don't have a DD Hammock, I have a Hennessy, but I bought the DD gear sling. I can't figure out what the woven loops that are sewn to the sides of the sling are for. A special DD feature?


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    Maybe they're for their beer bottle holder?

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    There are quite a few of them.

    I guess I'll write to DD and ask. I hate mysteries. And maybe, maybe they are for something really useful, essential even, that I'll never figure out on my own.

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    Was thinking of buying one of these.

    Is it possible they could be used to close it up and collect water runoff from your tarp?

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    At least some of them may be for tie-outs to keep it open.
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    Or I guess you could use one to fasten a line so you can pull it up when you want to reach something in it. If you hang it under the hammock, that is.

    I did email DD, but they haven't answered. Strange, because I emailed once before and got an answer very quickly.

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