Night out with the Draumr!

Setting up the hammock - This must be the easiest hammock to set up. I already knew how to use the suspension as I have the Segl XL, and Draumr has the exact same one. Fastest and easiest suspension to set up and adjust I have used

Getting the pad in - Easy

Setting the Borg rainfly - Super easy. Now I understood what the supplied carabiners were for

Getting in the hammock - Easy. I tried both methods from the video and even jumping in.

Zipping the mosquito net - **** this is slow. Needs some practice

The footbox and head end spreader sticks - I just couldn't keep neither in. They always popped out once I adjusted the mosquito net. I just put my quilt between my head and the netting to keep mosquitos out of my head. I think I'll create a set of bars to take with me. Sticks are too hard.

Great sleep. Lots of room. I liked how I could just pack all my stuff while inside the hammock in a chair mode. One advice. If you but a beer in the holder — be sure to drink some before moving int he hammock. I managed to spill some inside.