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    I have been interested in going there for the canoeing and hiking/backpacking up the Red Horse Trail. Can't make it until September though, since the car I use to haul the canoe is not available until then (my son uses the car when home but leaves in late August for college). Would be interested any postings from those who go in August.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrailBlaser View Post
    Would be interested any postings from those who go in August.
    I have no intentions on going back in till the feeding frenzy is over.

    Quote Originally Posted by XJ35S View Post
    We should work on setting a date. Maybe the second or third weekend of September? I don't even care if it snows...
    I think I'd be good with 3rd or even 4th weekend of September. I would be thrilled if it snowed! That's probably a bit to ask for. As long as it's not enough snow to bring the throngs of snowmobilers. I think that the hotel is filled with them in the winter. I am looking forward to another meal at that hotel. Best breakfast I've had in a while!
    Hanging in the woods, paddlin and catching trout- My kind of living...

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    There has been a lot of talk about campsites. I would much prefer to hike into the wilderness area and hang. Here are the rules for such a venture. I think a 1 hour hike or so would put us in a good area for an overnight. If this is ging to be to physically taxing on anyone please say someting. no judging. Just need a plan we are only a few weeks away.

    Plan Ahead
    Check weather and trail conditions, regulations, and advisories before you travel. Have an alternative plan ready to ensure you can make the most of your time in the Adirondacks.
    • Know the group size regulations: Group size regulations allow for groups of no more than 15 people for a day hike and no more than eight people for an overnight trip. This is to help reduce the amount of impact to the trail system or camping area and reduce the impact to the experience of those around your group.
    o When hiking in a group, hike single file so your boots fall in line with the hiker ahead of you. This keeps the impact to the soil focused to one central spot on the trail and protects the outer edge of the trail and surrounding vegetation from being trampled.
    o When camping in a group, keep your tents close together and your camp site contained to a small radius. This will focus your group's impact to the designated camping area, protecting the surrounding forest and vegetation.
    o In both group situations, always be respectful of other hikers and campers by keeping your noise level to a minimum, respecting other hikers' abilities and speed, keeping a clean campsite, and always carrying out what you carried in.
    • Keep pets on leashes (Pets are required to be leashed in the High Peaks Wilderness): Wildlife is very active this time of year as they prepare for the upcoming winter. Keeping your pet on a leash avoids startling wildlife or trampling habitats. This protects your pet from negative encounters with larger wildlife and also other pets. Others may not feel the same about your pet as you do as a lot of people and children have fears of these animals. Be considerate of others fears and discomforts by keeping your pet c

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