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    Hmm, In the past I have received way too much rot. I use a service that weeds most spam out, plus now I only give out my numbers to trusted entities. My doctors and other people I must be in contact with get my junk Email address. I am very well cacooned almost antisocial...
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    Quote Originally Posted by sidneyhornblower View Post
    This just popped up in my inbox and I'm wondering if anybody else has gotten it too. I'll attach the two images that were attached to the email I received. I'm suspicious of this for several reasons:

    1) No brand or website listed. They just say I can order it on Amazon at their store, but don't give the store name. Alarm bells start ringing when I see that.

    2) They offer to send it free for review and then I can keep it? Somehow I would order it and then get refunded the price. Uh-huh, sure. Again, alarm bells ringing.

    3) I did a reverse image search and couldn't find the pillow, but did find the hammock...sort of. The images I found are labeled as equip brand hammock and it's a different color but the exact same background, so probably edited. I assume at this point that the images are just lifted from somewhere else.

    4) I note that running a whois check on the email domain for finds that it's owned by someone in China.

    Text of the email I received is below. I think this is a scam. If it's not a scam it's terrible advertising and deserves derision.

    ----------begin cross-posted text------------


    Good day!
    We're a camping gears seller from Amazon. We now have a new design camping inflatable pillow and camping hammock. See attachments please.
    May I ask if you're interested in reviewing one please? If yes, will be glad to send you one free! You can place an order on our Amazon store directly, and we will refund you the amount via PayPal, and will cover the fee.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    <[email protected]>

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    I got the same email, I'm pretty sure its spam and or a scam.

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