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    Road Trip from Texas to Alaska

    Howdy! My husband and I are taking a road trip from Texas to Alaska in June.
    We are driving our family member's car to deliver it to them near Anchorage; then flying home.
    We thought about trying to pack light and hammock camp along the way.
    Does Canada allow hammock camping??
    Any suggestions or packing list for our bucket list ultimate road trip?

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    I did a similar road trip in June 2010, moving a family member's truck from Anchorage to Orlando FL. Did it in 96 hours, door to door. We stopped for gas, food, and bathroom breaks.

    With the amount of large wildlife we came across in Alaska and Yukon territory, you definitely will want to be aware of your surroundings if you plan on camping. We came across a few male grizzlies foraging and several female grizzly and black bears with cubs along the Alcan Highway. I remember seeing several grizzlies around Kluane Lake.

    We did an 11 day hike outside of Denali last summer and took precautions with our camp sites and food storage. We used Opsaks and BV500s, along with not sleeping with our food. No problems and saw a fair amount of the wildlife, including a large grizzly female with 3 cubs.

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    Been there and sone that:

    Drove up the Alaskian Highway, be sure to stop in at on the way up, give yourself 3-days. In 1995 there were no gas stations or grocery stores near the park. Long boardwalk getting up the hillside to the springs, three of them. Spectacular plave.

    The turn from the Yukon to Alaska is a hairpin, make sure you do that in the morning, so much to stop and see!

    I caem back down on the Inside Passage Ferry's stopping in Bellingham Washington.

    Stay in Hostels all the way up and back, be some interesting folk and conversations.

    Cruise up Interstate 25 going up, and just take a left turn to get up in the Front Range for camping, each night.

    Be safe!

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