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    Also jumping in late...

    (and I haven't gone back and read all the posts so I hope this isn't overly redundant.)

    I wouldn't rule out an 11' hammock. There are plenty of folks under 5-6 that find that length to be far more comfortable. You'll find a few that haven't noticed an appreciable difference. You need to try a couple if you can. The eleven-footers are pretty reasonably priced from several vendors. The thing is, the hammock isn't what taxes the pocketbook. Adding all the other stuff can but that can be done (and upgraded) over time, to some extent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TreeBeard13 View Post
    I've had my DIY for several years and it is just $1 a yard nylon from a surplus outlet. It's not even ripstop nylon and it has held up just fine for years (when I was 290 lbs). So no, you don't need to spend hundreds, but yes you get what you pay for. Just watch out for lenths on the low cost Amazon/Ebay ones. They don't always put the LENGHT in the description. I have seen several that I read the "Questions" people have answered and found them to be 8 to 8.5, maybe 9 feet. I wouldn't buy anything shorter than 11 footer, but I'm 6'3".
    A) your screenname is awesome
    B) I would be fine with a 9 footer I think, if it was wide enough not to squish my feet. As I mentioned before, I'm only 5'6" so I don't need a super long hammock, I just would like to be able to move around a little bit more when I'm sleeping or more importantly, when I'm waking up and trying to reposition myself without suffocating my feet in the gathered end.

    Sadly I managed to rip part of the bug net off my one camping hammock in the desert last weekend (my arm slipped when I was getting up and hit it just right to tear it, which is kinda funny because that thing had a dead branch hook it the first time I used it and didn't tear in the slightest) but that one was my longest hammock at 8.5ish feet. If I didn't hang it exactly right, I ended up with sad feet or a sad head in the night from sliding up or down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Juney View Post
    ..... So I'm thinking, since my mom sews, I may DIY something around 9 feet. I just need to study up a bit on how to do the gathered ends so I don't end up ripping them and falling on my booty in the woods at 2am, thus becoming very sore and possibly also becoming critter snacks! Is there like a pattern on the internet somewhere I can show my mom so we can get it sewn together?
    REALLY simple... take a look at the video on this page... (under the Instructions tab)

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    Quote Originally Posted by P-Dub View Post
    REALLY simple... take a look at the video on this page... (under the Instructions tab)
    Be very careful. I watched that same video by Kyle and since then I have made about 15 hammocks (for friends/scouts/etc.). It can be very addicting Not to mention whenever there's a new hammock material, first thing I want to do is make a new hammock

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