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    New hanger looking for NX suspension advice

    I'm a new hanger with a Clark NX-270. I had my first hang last night now that I received my Loco Libre Jungle Pepper. Windy all night with a low of 35 degrees - toasty. My issue is getting the suspension set up for best comfort. My setup was under a pergola hung on the diagonal. The suspension that came with the Clark is an 8’ x 2” tree hugger strap with whoopi slings. It wasn’t possible to shorten this suspension enough to use the square side of the pergola. I experimented with the setup and ended up with the foot end 4-6” above the head end. I didn’t have a tarp, so the weather shield & bug net were zipped up because of the wind. I could grab the ridge of the bug net and twist it as I have seen on posts discussing ridge lines, so I don’t think it was too tight. I could zip the cover closed easily even though I would call the weather shield ‘taught’.

    I’m 5’-11” and I was able to get on a bit of a diagonal, but I still felt that I had a slight ’banana’ lay, which wasn’t that comfortable. I am curious as to what advice other NX hangers have to dial in the suspension.
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    A Clark is a special hammock. Due to its net supports, the “ridge line grab” isn’t applicable.
    Lots of other details vary on a Clark. So take any standard hammock info with a grain of salt.
    Some tricks may or may not work?
    These aren’t known for a flat lay.

    Pictures of suspension set up would help.

    Try wrapping the webbing several times to shorten?
    Or use a toggle as a marlin spike hitch.
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    On the picture the hammock looks way to loose, and with too short distance between the two setup points. But the picture could cheat since I cannot see the full suspension. If you in a banana position in a NX-270 something is wrong with the setup.

    When I setup my hammock, I dont have a loose weathershield as shown on this photo. I prefer the old suspension system with just ropes, It is quick, flexible and uncomplicated to use - even in darkness. The new one demands more space between the trees, and is more complicated, but is probably what the users want.

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    I swapped out the original rope suspension for a Buckle/Strap suspension. Simple to adjust, not a problem with trees being close, never slips.
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    I find my ridgeline helps greatly for creating the right lie, and you definitely don't want a TAUT (not taught!) netting or weatherguard, unless you want to make some repairs.

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