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    Quote Originally Posted by FLTurtle View Post
    Are you within the return window? If so, send them back and check out the other vendors here. For example, the HG Econ Incubator 20F (std length + 1oz overstuff) weighs the same as the OV UQ, and is almost $20 cheaper than the OV. Even the Econ Burrow 0F is cheaper than the OV TQ. You just missed the HG sale (ended yesterday), so I think the prices I found are current.
    I think HG extended that sale through 6/7.
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    I actually purchased a HG Burrow and Incubator (Economy) and caught them on sale. I’m looking forward to seeing the comparison but obviously in no hurry since temps have been approaching triple digits here in Florida for the last two weeks. Overall the the construction of the Outdoor Vitals quilts look good but obviously untested but my compliant is the thickness and the amount of stuffing is nowhere near what I’ve seen in 0 degree systems where I can’t help but think they were mislabeled, and the upside down logo looks ridiculous on the under quilt, I can’t imagine they did this on purpose. I’m still waiting to hear back from them and I’m willing to give them a chance to make it right as I could use multiple sets of gear for my kids but I’d be cautious not to use their 0 degree equipment below 30 degrees. It’s almost as though they are C rated instead of F. Very light though, I’ll give them that...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gator Hanger View Post
    I just received my Outdoor Vitals StormLoft 0 degree top quilt and a StormLoft 15 degree under quilt and was very disappointed in the amount of fill in these items and I canít really tell a difference in the 0 to the 15. Iím guessing the 0 degree top quilt might keep me warm down to 40 degrees but even that is iffy due to my 40 degree Marmot quilt is twice as lofty and 40 is pushing it for that one.

    Unfortunately I didnít read this post until after I made the purchase and after seeing the products I went looking to see if anyone else had the same experience and concern as I did. Yeah I was trying to cheap out and it looks like the consensus is clear.

    The other issue is with the underquilt attachment cords, I have no idea how they were intending this to work. As soon as you pull a little on the shock cords they pull out of the cord stops and the quilt hits the ground. Thereís only about a foot of cord on each side but who knows, maybe Iím missing something. Not only that, the logo is upside down on the underquilt making me think that Iíve done something wrong but it can only go one way or else the logo is on the inside... sheesh.

    I sent them an email and am waiting for their reply and I think itís only fair to give them a chance to respond and make it right. If nothing else hopefully theyíll do the right thing and accept my return as nothing was special ordered. Iíll let you know how it goes.
    You can return the item alright, but you have to pay for the shipping again, so if you are living outside of USA more bucks out of your pocket.

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