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    Tensa 4 Stand: A 30+ Night Review

    I will start by saying it was a pleasure dealing with the folks at Tensa when I ordered this stand. They had great communication and were a pleasure to work with. I got this stand about 4 days before I started a cross-country trip ( FL to VA to CO to UT to FL) which would be about 35 days total. I planned on using this stand for a good amount of the trip, however fortunately/unfortunately circumstances allowed me to use it literally every night of this trip.
    I really wanted to like this stand, I really did, but I really wanted to like my TATO stand as well. But, even though a lot of people do, I really do not like the TATO stand. I have had a lot of issues with mine (mainly stability issues involving wind, and yes it’s set up correctly). I was weary that I would have those issues with the Tensa as well. But here is my gosh darn most honest review on what I think of this stand after putting it through its paces. I’ve set this thing up in driveways, basements, backyards, and about 7 different campgrounds/RV parks.

    SETUP- My first setup was a bit rough. Took some figuring out to do, but I got the gist of it with the included directions. The first week I had the stand I used the method of only one anchor on the foot end. This does work well, but I’m clumsy, awkward, and uncoordinated. One night, I had a cramp kick in in my calf and in the process of getting out I got tacoed in the stand, along with my underquilt, hammock, topquilt, and fronkey bugnet. It was a hot mess. I went out and picked up another orange screw, and for the rest of the trip I anchored both ends and the stand held up as solid as a rock. I could move freely in the hammock without the fear of being trapped in my bugnet again. As far as stability goes, we had some pretty crazy wind in CO. Strong enough to blow over my families staked out tent. However, that stand held strong through it all. Setup time and take down became a breeze by the end of the trip, less than 5 minutes. The “needle” on each end of the UCRs made life easier. The toggles held well. The packed size of the stand is remarkable, considering the weight capacity. Fit right in with the rest of my setup, without taking up any extra precious cargo space (unlike the TATO).

    FREEDOM- of course having a stand you can setup pretty much anywhere, but the size of this stand fully setup opened up the possibilities. In a couple of places, the sites were very small and we were sharing one site with a large RV and my wife’s 10 man tent. Space was limited, but in every case I was able to setup just fine.

    the size and weight, both packed and deployed. I could also move the stand while deployed easily for fine tuning when needed.
    The simplicity of it all. I am still amazed at how it all just works. Setup me take down can be done in 5 minutes or less.
    The build quality of everything was top notch.
    The small touches on the UCRs, makes the setup all the easier (though I’m debating on switching the center one out for a fixed eye dog bone)
    Cost. Yes, $300 is quite a bit for a stand. But I paid $350 for my TATO, and I will take this stand over that one any day. Money well spent considering performance
    Reliability- With only minor user generated error/failure, this stand stood up the entire trip night after night and did what it was supposed to do. Even pushed close to the weight limit for 30+ days, still holding up like a champ.
    The Tensa crew was top notch to work with.
    I am still working on getting the stand in a configuration that lets me comfortably setup my tarp. I do think with this stand a diamond, asymmetrical, or standard hex would work better. It seemed the doors on my superfly were causing the issue on either end. I setup my tarp a few different ways, but I am still working on finding the “best” way forward
    I will say that handing in the driveway really did a number of on the end rubber pieces. But they are really easy to replace.

    Overall, I am more than impressed with this stand. It has exceeded my expectations in every way. In most cases I am truly blown away with how well it performed and how compact it traveled. Never once on my trip did I doubt the stands ability to perform and hold my big but up (well once I started anchoring both ends. I am sure with more time I will figure out an optimal setup for a tarp. Down the line I will look at selling my TATO and probably picking up another one of these.

    Thank you again to the Tensa crew for getting me my stand for this trip. In all honesty, the trip would have been pretty terrible without it.

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    Cool, thanks for the review, it's very helpful.

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    Great review, thanks for posting!!

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    Thanks for the review Pheonix6579! Your bag of cash should arrive shortly.

    Sooner or later, probably sooner, we'll offer additional anchors and guylines a la carte, in view of the distinct preference of some to guy both ends. It may be that Raftingtigger and I are overly attached to the niftiness factor that only one guyline is *required*, such that we're obscuring the general truth that securing both ends is sometimes still a good idea. Still, I hope everybody at least tries single-side guying, hanging a pack or similar off the head end and/or relying on a tarp's separate staking for extra stability before running a second guyline to the head end of the stand.

    If you guy both ends with significant tension, say to pry the stand open wide enough to support a 12' tarp, we're worried that that may reduce the safety factor built into the 400-lb weight rating. Well, we know it does, but not how much of an issue it might be. Besides, maybe everybody needs an initiatory Tensa taco experience to really relax, realizing that the worst case just ain't so bad!

    Beautiful country. I love the uke shot. Trees all around. I find that I'm often setting up the stand with trees around just because I'd rather not get conifer sap on my tarp or straps, nor whack away brambles, nor be further away from a fire or stream or whatever else, nor suffer an unfavorable wind direction: freedom, as you say.

    It looks to me like your poles are crossing a little more than usual. Note that the flatworm toggles on the base and ridgelines are lark's headed on. You can move them closer to the ends to get a more snug fit with less crossover, more effective pole length. Yours may also be loose enough to wrap around twice before toggling.
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    Tensa Outdoor, LLC, maker of the Tensa4 tensahedron hammock stand, and the Tensa Solo ultralight flavor too.

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    Thanks for the extended review of actual use. Looks like I have a Tensa stand to buy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Latherdome View Post
    I find that I'm often setting up the stand with trees around just because ....
    Sounds like me. More often than not I just go with my stand because it's so dang easy and I don't have to hunt around for trees in the right orientation to where I want to be. Kind of nice too being able to move it "whole" if the wind shifts on ya.

    Pretty much echo Pheonix6579's remarks. "Very" nice piece of kit, great buying experience, personal service was top notch and the attention to detail from tip to tip is outstanding. Now that boomstakes are a selectable option with a stand purchase... I really can't come up with anything I would change. Took a few times really dialing in my tarps, but once it's sorted it's a snap to replicate setups over and over without much thought. I use tarp extensions, have solo kit's, went with UCR options and 40cm boomstakes. Rock solid and well worth the coinage.

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