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    I just ordered a Chinese down sleeping bag, and as soon as it gets here, I will compare two of them and will get back here with the results.

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    Id had some time to use the synthetic jacket this summer. I'm perfectly happy with it but for a few things.
    Its definitely cheaply made. Sewn thru construction, arms are a tick short, esp if your using the small thumb holes. It's not in any way athletic cut, very much a bag. The zipper likes to suck in the fabric if not careful. I knew it was a gamble in the first place but for the price I paid (sub 100 i think) I'm happy with it. Warm enough and light. It did get fairly damp on one occasion, not wring out wet but close, and was still warm-ups and dried out that afternoon

    If I were buying now, it's still probably a decent buy. If I were to do it again, I'd be looking at some of the new hoodie or 3/4 zips that were arriving on the market.

    As long as you understand what your getting, odv has its place. Run of the mill items that might be slightly better then the average chinese/ebay things. Overrated and marketing garbage encrusted. In most every case, better can be had for the same amount but that requires a google search and such.

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