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    Simplicity Asym Hammock Tarp

    I'm using a Maccat standard now for use over my Grand Trunk Nano 7. I'm interested in getting a tarp that packs down smaller than the one I currently have for when I'm not really expecting bad weather, but I want to bring a tarp just in case -- very light weight isn't my biggest priority, but small packed size would be in this case.

    I just saw the Simplicity Asym Hammock Tarps and they look great -- and the price looks even better! Helpfully, there's an image of one of these tarps all packed down next to a Nalgene bottle and it seems to pack away much smaller than what I'm using now -- unfortunately there are a plethora of material options, and while I'm sure they would all keep me dry I'm unsure of what would be the best choice. I'm familiar with Silnylon, and I understand Silpoly has some advantage in that it stretches less and sheds water better at the expense of some durability (but by no means fragile). What about Xenon? Do any of the options pack down noticeably smaller than the other? Do they all feature ripstop material?

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    I don't use Nalgenes, however here is a photo of the Simplicity in its stuff sack next to a 20oz Gatorade bottle. Includes guy lines and 2 stakes inside stuff sack.

    Here it is pitched.

    Five Basic Principles of Going Lighter

    “To equip a pedestrian with shelter, bedding, utensils, food, and other necessities, in a pack so light and small that he can carry it without overstrain, is really a fine art.” ~ Horace Kephart, 1906

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    Another photo would be redundant, but I'll add that out of the several tarps I own, the SLD asym is definitely the most compact in its stuff sack, and by some margin. Mine is Xenon, which is a 1.1 oz per sq yard silpoly. Jared from SLD will make it using any fabric you want, if you're willing to wait for extra lead time and possibly pay a small upcharge. The Xenon is sourced from Dutchware and they recently came out with a 0.9 oz per sq yard version, if you want to shave an extra ounce or two and have it pack even smaller.

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    Thanks for the replies! I contacted him and he went over some of the fabrics, and I ended up buying one in Xenon. It packs down small indeed, I even stuffed it into one of my inflatable pillow stuff sacks... makes the Grand Trunk Nano 7 look big in comparison!

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