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    Tensa Solo conversion question?

    So I have the Tensa 4 with The heavier straps. I want to get the Tensa Solo conversion kit. If I already have a few extra whoopie slings laying around, can I just order the kit and use my whoopies?

    Thanks for any advice!

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    You need 2 per side/conversion. Also 2 anchors per side. A few people order 2 conversion kits without lines and anchors planning to use those from Tensa4, then realize they need 2 more anchors, while reusing the baseline as a guyline is a little short... Amsteel definitely the way to go if you want to realize the full weight-saving potential of the Solo path.
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    Awesome, thanks! I was trying to think of a reason they wouldn’t work, but I guess they’ll fit the bill nicely

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