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    Quote Originally Posted by Howler View Post
    Hey y'all!
    I'm still relatively new to hammock camping and have decided to order something a bit nicer than the Eno Doublenest I've been using.

    I'm torn as to whether or not I should go with a single or double layer, as I weight about 230lbs and would like to be able to bring my 50lbs pup in occasionally or maybe have a friend pile in and not have it come crashing down.

    I'm looking at several different fabrics and it seems like I could get away with using a couple as single layers (Like the Hex70 or 1.9 Ripstop nylon) but there are others that seem like it would be pushing it to use as a single layer, but maybe overkill to double up on (like Dutch's Hexon 1.6) and I just don't know what to do!

    I don't yet have an underquilt, but plan to go that route over a pad and thus a double layer in the case of the 1.6 would be more for looks and added security than for putting a pad between.

    I also want to be able to store some gear inside with me if needed and not worry about that pushing the weight limit over the top.

    So what do you guys think are some fabrics I should look more into and what are your opinions on single vs double layer for a person my size?
    You want something comfortable for you with a little flexibility- Hybrid 1.7 mountain.
    You want something with a little extra umph for all your possibilities- Hex 70.

    Double layer is not needed- about the only real reason to get it is if your dog is a turd and likely to damage the hammock.

    You are a bit torn... you're about the right weight to sit on that edge but if you hadn't listed all the other 'optional cargo' I'd say 1.7 all day.

    You'll find the Hex 70 a bit stiff in personal use but it will cover you all the way up to all your various loading scenarios in a single layer.
    You'll find the Hybrid 1.7 perhaps a tad firm if you like a soft bed (I am 230) but when my kid crawls in too I don't need to freak out. I have some customers who sleep with their dogs and the Hybrid does pretty well.

    When I'm at a family thing or kids are around- I set up a Hex 70 and let them go nuts. They can goof in there and do whatever with out me flinching It's a pretty bomber material.

    So... mainly you need to pull the trigger on what you realistically think will happen.

    You and a tame/obedient/nail trimmed dog with a few pieces of crap stuffed in there with you- probably fine either way.
    You, a friend, your dog, a cooler of beer, whatever... Hex 70 or double of whatever.

    Really storing gear in the hammock itself is rarely comfortable. If it's hanging on the ridgeline it's not loading the fabric... something I think some folks don't think about.
    Some spare clothes and a pound or three of personal items aren't the straw that breaks the camels back... and trying to store your pack or other heavy stuff inside generally sucks.

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    Just a matter of camp craft and awareness of where you are in the food chain at your location - I like to have only me in the hammock. I might have other things - a dry bag with rain gear - biner'd to a suspension line. But I'm the only one in the hammock - no food, no chapstick. Maybe a watch and flashlight, but it sounded like you wanted more than that.

    I went with DL when I started out because I read mosquitoes can stab through one layer. And I didn't know about UQ's - just thought the DL would be a better pad wrangler. Turns out, I have hardly ever used the double layer of my double layer hammocks. I use an UQP with my UQ but when the weather is mild, I could even get by putting a therm-a-rest in the UQP and cinching it up snug to the hammock bottom.

    The DL is clearly stronger. For bulk and weight saving, "strong enough" is a better criteria. But when it comes to rambunctious play, that sounds like a specialty item.
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    For what it's worth, on the subject of strength: I've had almost 400 pounds of people in my single-layer HyperD 1.0 hammock multiple times without any indication that it was anywhere close to failure. It's worth mentioning that I have sewn-channel ends with three rows of stitching, but in any case, the material strength is there. My only concern would be dog claws, but frankly I would never let a dog sleep in a bed with me, let alone a hammock, so I have no idea how it would work or whether the claws would be a problem.

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