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    Not at all, I like the extra coverage. I found it's enough overhang that I was able to ditch my tarps with doors.
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    I use a 12' Toxaway on the 10.5 custom hammock and recently used it on a 10' Bonefire. If you're not married to having the suspension lines go through a V in tarp tie outs, then there is no effect, or its the same effect as with a shorter tarp. But I have always hung my large tarp high because, well, its large so what do I care about weather coverage and being pulled down on me? So my V (stingers) is sufficiently high enough for the suspension to go through without issue.
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    I say, half tongue in cheek, that you can't have too large of a tarp. The limiting factor, as mentioned above, is for full extension, you need a greater distance than you would otherwise need to hang a shorter tarp. I'm not a gram weenie; but, I cut weight in other areas. With the weight of modern tarps, I always go for as much coverage as I can get. Of course I prefer, weather permitting, hangin out in the wind with a clear view of the stars.
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