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    Others have said good stuff. Only thing Id add: less tilt.

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    Thanks, everybody! My wife took a picture and looking at it helped me better visualize what's happening. I just about have it figured out.

    First, I definitely tend to lay at a big diagonal in the wide hammock. When I hung up a more standard 58" wide hammock I didn't have the same issue since I couldn't lay as diagonally.

    Also, I followed Crazytown3's advice and directly hung the hammock CL on the foot end and used a longer bit of suspension on the head end (as well as following yesterday's advice from others). Yesterday I was using straps with cinch buckles for fine adjustment capability but today I just used an extra CL with a carabiner on the head end. That extra length, with an approximately 72" baseline, was just about perfect.

    In the picture the top of my head is still just barely touching the pole. After looking at the image I realized that I could switch which pole was in front at the head end apex and hang the hammock from the pole on the opposite side from my head (if that makes sense). That resulted in a little over an inch of extra room which meant that even at a deep diagonal my head and feet weren't touching the poles.

    The picture was taken from above so I look closer to the ground than I actually was, it's a little lower than I would normally hang but it's still comfortable getting in and out and there's plenty of clearance for an underquilt.

    And if I don't hog up so much freakin' space in the hammock then I'll have plenty of clearance!

    Thanks again for the guidance, everyone, I appreciate it!

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