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    Tensa Outdoor Awesome Customer Service

    I just want to offer a shout out to Tensa Outdoor.

    Upon setting up my Tensa4 stand for the second time, one of the toggles broke. I emailed to see if I could order a replacement and they sent one free of charge. And I got it in the mail in three days so they obviously shipped it immediately.

    This is the kind of outstanding service that makes me want to absolutely support a vendor and to share my good experience publicly.

    Thanks, Tensa Outdoors!!

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    Tensa Outdoor Awesome Customer Service

    I would love to add to this. I have received emails from them in regards to possible faulty manufacturing, nothing that is their fault. Each time they offered to replace parts and pay to ship back my poles to have them worked on. They are indeed an amazing vendor. I have also emailed them asking questions about different setups for a planned thru-hike. They responded to my emails very quickly and offered great advice. I cant say enough about this vendor.

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