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    Quote Originally Posted by m00ch View Post
    In the hot summer month I will forgo the quilt and sometimes just use an UQP. If I remove the UQP I get chilly, when I put it on I am not chilly.
    Quote Originally Posted by Red Wing View Post
    I've found the same. I'm warmer when using it than not.

    Also, windhsirts are not insulation, but keep you warm.
    Sure. Same here. Unless my tarp can block 100% of the shifting wind so that it never touches my UQ, an UQP is going to make any UQ seem noticeably warmer.

    If you prefer, you can say it does not make the UQ any warmer(although it might, by a few degrees, after all it is another small layer of fairly dead air), but rather prevents the UQ from becoming less warm than it's rating. But, still, it can feel noticeably warmer.

    I have UQs that are 10 or 20 degrees warmer than my basic HH Super Shelter. But many times I have been hanging with either no tarp, or a high, wide pitch, at say 30F in a 20F UQ. It feels toasty until a big gust of wind hits, and then it feels cold at 30F(or even 40F) using my 20F UQ. I then switch to my HHSS, which I at best consider a 30F rating unless I add some clothing or something to boost it's rating. When the biggest gust of wind hits, it is irrelevant. If I am warm enough with no wind, I am still warm enough when the wind hits. I have put this to the test many times over the years. The wind can easily remove 20+ degrees from the warmth rating of an UQ used with out a tarp or if I am unable to get full wind blockage with my tarp, or if I can but the wind shifts, or if using a wide pitch. The wind can not touch the HHSS with or without tarp.

    When I was still new to this game back in Sept 06, I found myself hanging from about the only(skinny) trees near where my tenting buddies wanted to camp. With that small HH stock tarp that is pretty wide open on the ends. I was right next to a lake, with the open foot end facing the lake where the wind came from all night, bouncing my hammock around. It was maybe in the 30s or 40s, I only know about the first night of the trip which was 22F, seemed not as cold(except for windchill) on the rest of the trip. I slept very warm all night, inside my bouncing hammock. I am pretty sure I would have froze in a 20F UQ, unless I had also had a wind proof UQP on it. As I did with my HHSS.

    Of course, a bigger tarp with doors would have probably also saved me from that wind. If your tarp is big enough, and you don't mind closing it up and you can get it pitched close enough to the ground, and you don't mind the sometimes increased condensation you might get with it closed up, you probably won't need an UQP. Or, you can use a smaller tarp and or higher/wider pitches with any tarp, and still have total protection from the wind, wind driven rain and splashup, with a good UQP. Your choice, either way works.
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