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Thread: Shake Down

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    Shake Down

    Hi everyone. Been lurking a few months after all the help you guys have given me. I think I have finally accumulated everything I need to get out and hang for the first time. What I was wondering is if there is anyone in the Illinois or Indiana area that might be willing to meet up with me somewhere and give me some pointers and demos and setting all this stuff up. I am new to camping in general, so I don't have a ton of background knowledge. I would be happy to come anywhere in the Chicago or Indy area or anywhere in Central Illinois. Trying to stay within a couple hours of Champaign if possible. I am not looking to actually camp, just set up the hammock, quilts, and tarp to ensure that I have everythingI need and know how to use it. If anyone can help it would be appreciated. I would love to be prepared for the next group hang that fits my schedule.

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    I live 25 miles east of Champaign, just north of Farmer City. I would be happy to get together with you and share what I can. I will be busy with farming for a while, as long as the weather is fit but we.can set up something whenever I have time. Send me a private message and we can share contact information.

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