Kammok a company known for their uber comfortable Roo lounging hammock is now taking aim at the world of hammock camping. Their Kickstarter campaign which successfully ended on March 5, 2019, raised just shy of a quarter of a million dollars. In a true test of a well-run campaign, they started shipping out to backers last week. Through the back channels of the hammock community As the Camping Editor, I was able to get my hands on one for review. This is just a preview and an initial setup to see his first impressions. A full review will come after he’s had some time to put the Kammok Mantis through its paces.

Ok, that's the hook. Here's the video. Kammok Mantis

I did not purchase it through the Kickstarter, and yes Kammok sent it to me for a review.

If you want to purchase one and help me out in the process here's an affiliate link. Kammok’s Website

Ok now that the official stuff is out of the way. I've only laid in it for about 10 minutes there's some neat dare I say cool features on it.