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    Manure...serious question

    Thanks for those ideas! Baking soda is a life saver for sure! I saw the freshly sprayed farm the next day. If you are downwind from a sprayer, you can literally be covered in a fine mist of the stuff. You don't have to be as close as you think or be able to see it in the air. Yeah, personal experience.... But it seems like alot of spraying is done for now. ? For us, it's the smell of home, sweet home!

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    Vickence are you sure the smell you noticed was not the goose down oil. When the down is damp from your body perspiration and dew from camping the down can get a bit rank. Some don't mind it I can't stand it.

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    Manure...serious question

    Thanks for the heads up on that! This was definitely in the air and not just near the hammock. I haven't gotten the down moist enough yet to smell anything. I will pay attention to that, though!

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    Be thankful it doesn't smell like my poop!

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    Quote Originally Posted by IRONFISH45 View Post
    A small bag of Baking Soda eats mild odors when things are stored.

    Baking Soda breaks down easily, dryer sheets do not.

    I use Baking Soda to clear odors, then I use it to clean stains or help keep my sink smelling clean.

    I learned early on that a lot of plastic totes and bags have a strong odor of their own.
    What kind of bag are you using?

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    I think there's a few ways to avoid the scent, the first would be preventive; avoid areas where you've got cow turds under you, haahahaha. Another bit to that, if it's just unavoidable and that's really the best spot... I've had that situation happen to me with a cow pie once earlier this year. It was relatively old, so I was able to kinda dig up some dirt and "shoo" it away with my boots.

    If it's just really stinking, depending on where you hang your quilts to air out / store, I'd recommend throwing in a few dryer sheets in there as well, so long as you're not opposed to your gear having a "fresh" smell afterward. I use those same dryer sheets all the time when it's time to put the boots back in the storage closest, which seems to do the trick pretty dang well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vickence View Post
    I was hanging up my hammock and everything and taking in the wonderful Piney woods smell (left over from MAHHA) ...when I suddenly realize that at home in my backyard, it's not the Piney Woods that I smell ...its manure. So since I'm at home I guess I can bail. What would you guys do? I'm pretty sure I don't want my underquilt or top quilt to smell like poop. Any words of wisdom would be appreciated. I think I am grabbing my downy underquilt and bringing it in the house...
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