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    Wind Breaker 360

    I did a search and didn't see anything about the SLD Wind Breaker 360 posted.

    I am curious of people's experience with this product and how much warmth (I know it is subjective) they feel this product provided.

    I thinking about this as a warm weather insulation where the temperature is high enough (~70F) but the slight breeze just creates a noticeable chill on my back.

    I'm planning on a proper quilts in the future for colder weather but thought this might be an option for the mild to warm weather. Also, this might add warmth for the quilts in cooler weather.
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    It might work as you described, but I'm not sure how comfortable a solution it would be in warm weather. It's basically a winter sock, if I read correctly from the description. It doesn't mention whether or not it has any mesh for venting, but even if it does, the mesh doesn't help a great deal. It will keep you a little warmer than you would be in a hammock by itself, but I wouldn't want to be fully enclosed in warm weather. If you want to use it in lieu of a proper underquilt in warm weather, consider using an underquilt protector beneath the hammock instead. It would have a similar effect of reducing heat loss on your back side, but without covering you on the top side.

    I have a Dutchware winter sock made of Argon fabric that I received as an unsolicited gift, and I used it once just as winter was giving way to spring. It was windy that night and the gear did its job of blocking wind, but the baggy material was flapping noisily all night and I kept feeling like I was stuck inside a large trash bag. It also traps a great deal of moisture from your breath and perspiration.

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