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Peeeeetey, I donít know how to post pictures, I try to make word pictures.
UncleBubba, Thursday, great stories start off with kernel of truth and then...well just donít drink my coffee after Snwcmprís, Moosemanís, or Old4hats...they do something to their coffee that makes mine taste a little off...
PG & Peeeeeeetey
I think, You just click the 3rd from right icon. Looks like a picture frame. Choose and upload file and a pic appears like this.
Which is also my secret for good coffee..... Lol

Someone said it stands for Sand & Dirt but not sure on that one hahaha but I know it's Good!

I'm planning on bringing 3 different kinds: Kona, Sumatra and ??? to be Moosecided later. Make no Moosetake about it... It will be Hot and Good! S&D coffee and tea.jpg