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    You've already had feedback from Peter Pan at Jacks-R-Better. All three products have good reputations, and so do all three vendors. Tough choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WV View Post
    You've already had feedback from Peter Pan at Jacks-R-Better. All three products have good reputations, and so do all three vendors. Tough choice.
    Ah hey, thanks! My newb status should indicate I haven't figured out who-is-who yet

    I saw the JRB cards as the avatar for Peter_Pan but he gave no indication that he was JRB... so, just figured he was a die-hard JRB guy.

    In that case, allow me to throw his name into the list of guys to thanks for responding as a manufactor who is doing his part to answer questions on these awesome forums!!

    Again, thanks for pointing that out WV. Bazillion people and usersname and companies to try to learn... on top of all the lingo... for us guys just starting out.


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    The new warmer weather underquilt will probably have another name. I gotta come up with something good... Suggestions It will probably have 12oz of down (maybe less) and have 1 in baffles. It will be for people that live in warmer areas and/or do not do much winter camping.

    Regarding vertical (width) vs longitudinal (length) baffles....There is a fun topic of discussion! Ok, this may or may not be a shared opinion but here is my take on it. I personally like the longitudinal baffles because I feel that if there is any settling during the night...that it can not go far. Meaning, gravity can only pull it down the width of the baffle. There seems to be little chance of the down settling toward the head or foot end of the quilt. I also think that if you have enough down in the quilt there is little chance of it migrating and leaving cold spots.

    Now, having said that, I must say that the Jacks make a fine quilt. There are MANY JRB quilts out there that people are using and love. They must be doing something right because this is not their first trip around the block. Heck, they are even in Backpacker magazine! They are indeed good people.

    Regarding Ed Speers Snugfit. I am pretty sure (again please correct me if I am wrong) that he was the first one making quilts with radial baffles and differential design. Ed is truly the man when it comes to hammocks and quilts. To be honest with you, I am just giddy being in a "quilt war" with the likes of them both!

    Whomever you choose you are pretty much guaranteed to be a warmer, more comfortable sleeper...

    (Back to work now...)


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    I suggest that you put all three UQ's names in a hat and draw one!!!!
    They all have minor differences ...... but whichever you will have to play with, sleep/nap in, fiddle with suspension and down the road be warm and happy.
    Whooooo Buddy)))) All Good in the Backwood Hood.

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    Good Luck!

    Here's a picture of my Incubator in a REI med. compression stuff sack. It would go a little smaller in a different kind of compression sack. This is my Incubator with two or three extra oz's of down. Good Luck picking one! Stormcrow get back to work This Thread may need to be moved the Under Quilts?
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    Quote Originally Posted by BillyBob58 View Post
    So, does the SF fit on the leg section any better than the other UQs? In my experience, most full length quilts, when used on a gathered end hammock, tend to fall away from one side of the hammock on the foot end.
    Hey All,

    I was hoping some of you guys could address this issue for me.

    I am getting close to having the funds saved for a UQ and have narrowed it down to the MW4 (presently on sale) and the Incubator (which is 8 inches wider, which appeals to me).

    What I'm wondering is how both of these handle the WBBB footbox.

    Will one wrap around the footbox better than the other, or will they both be about the same?


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    I ordered one from Perfect Trees because I figured that since Adam has a WBBB that he would have direct personal experience on making an UQ that would work with the WBBB's footbox without requiring additional tweeks or mods for us to do. Think of Stromcrow as being a tailor who is doing an UQ fitting for your WBBB
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    Quote Originally Posted by BillyBob58 View Post
    ...most full length quilts, when used on a gathered end hammock, tend to fall away from one side of the hammock on the foot end. ...wondering if the SF does any better at this ...?
    Ed loaned me a SF at Hot Springs last fall for my Speer IIIA hammock. I was impressed with the Snug Fit, so to speak. I believe it does better than most at fitting for the full length, due to both the differential cut and the unique gathered ends of mesh. Of course, the velcro along the edge of the Speer hammock helped. Since Thing1 takes my PeaPod during winter hangs, I need a SnugFit!

    ...or should I get a Perfect Trees Incubator?

    ...but what can possibly be better than a JRB Mt Washington 4?

    - MacEntyre

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