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    Oregon Coast Trail hammocking

    Anyone hike all or part of the Oregon Coast Trail and used a hammock. From what I read some of the camping will be at campgrounds and the rest on the beach or just above high waterline.

    Looks like a great hike.

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    Generally speaking, the Oregon coast is not backpacker friendly. There is virtually zero legal dispersed camping opportunity. Camping on the beach is not allowed. The only spot i know if is the halfway point south of tillimook traverse hike. Oswald West used to be a good campground, but it was closed due to treefall danger.

    See here:

    I would recommend you camp in the Oregon mountains or head up to Washington where there are some backpackable coastal trails.

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    This is just my humble opinion. I have hiked and spent many years on the Oregon Coast, also I have lived in a few coastal comunities.

    In my opinion the ccampgrounds on the west side of 101 are drowning. Fort Stevens, Cape Lookout and a lot of the other parks are being inundated by the ocean.

    Oswald West was a great little walk in-park, a jewel, great surfing, great folks, beautiful trees. Now the area is considered too unstable for camping.

    Almost all the parks are set up for RV TYPES. BEAVERLY BEACH has a few dry sites. Book way in advance. The racoon population is thriving.

    Cape Perpetua was nice, not too sure about recent storm damage.

    Tillicum is nice if you book your spot early. The RV crowd are taking over as is the swampy problem.

    Are you driving, hiking, thumbing your way? Parking for stealth camping is now a problem.

    We basically gave up on the Oregon C poo ast for hanging. Washington Coast, Olympic National is nice and not all used up. Mountains are good still just use some caution. Lot of new campers who are not experienced doing some risky stuff and theft is becoming more of a problem.
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