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    Just purchased a new Amok Draumr for my wife last week and set it up yesterday for a trial run. Setup was easy and once inside it is definitely comfortable but my issue is getting in and out. For me at 5í11Ē I found getting in and out difficult to do without the foot box dragging on the ground. For my wife at 5í2Ē it was almost impossible without me helping her which isnít practical long term.

    Iíve tried to find any reviews where someone mentions the same issues and have yet to find any negative comments (except weight) so thinking I must be doing something wrong. Any tips would be appreciated.

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    Just did a 8 night canoe trip with my Draumr XL, what works best for me I call the superman entrance. Stand on the side of the Draumr where the zipper starts/ends, unzip down to the foot box, while holding ridgeline I slide my left leg into footbox area but dont apply its weight, then I move my right hand from ridgeline to the middle strap, tuck my torso under the bugnet, use left hand to distribute some weight towards the head end and superman into the hammock, rolling from my left side to my back while holding the middle strap for stability and to help judge where my weight should go. Then reach down and pull zipper back up and over ridgeline.

    To get out I sit up and shift myself over to the left as much as possible, swing both legs out at same time and stand up while holding the ridgeline.

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    I need to see a video of that, cause I'm having a tough time picturing the move.

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    Thanks Bigshift for sharing your entrance method. I really like how your Superman method puts weight at the head end of the hammock to help it balance out as soon as possible. Also, it seems much easier to crawl into the hammock and roll over, than it is to back up into a hammock. I am guessing you figured it out by accident, because who tries out a 180 degree roll as part of a hammock entrance? How many of your methods did not work? Overall, thank you for sharing!

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    I think I must have been trying to execute Bigshift's maneuver the first time I attempted to get into my XL, when it bounced me out/forward and threw me on the ground.
    Oooh, shiney! What does THIS button do?

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