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    Ordered a new set for the wife

    So I was finally able to order my wife a set of quilts from George. We patiently waited for the store to re-open and hopefully that is a good sign in regards to Georges recovery. I ordered a Reaper and Pepper in zero degrees overstuffed with a no taper foot box just like mine in Argon 90 but with morrocan blue exteriors and lime green interiors. Maybe now she will give me my set back lol. I told her that her trail name is "Groundhog" because once she gets into the quilts this winter it may be spring before we see her emerge again lol. I'll post pics when she gets them in. Please take your time George and best wishes.

    I took your advise George..... "Oh grasshopper, I won't give you a beat down because you've suffered enough Wise man say give a man a quilt and he might not freeze to death, give him a LLG quilt and his wife will sleep better than him" . Now she will have her own and I can finally test mine after two years of having them lol
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