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    Tensa4 Weather Proofing

    I am a new owner of a Tensa4. Due to health reasons I am currently resigned to car camping now. I couldn't be happier with my purchase and I'm just exploring all the possibilities of this stand.
    I have used the Tensa4 indoors (Primary reason it was purchased) when traveling to relatives etc.. I find sleeping in a hammock far better than a bed due to my health issues.

    I recently purchased the tarp extensions so I could use my 12' UGQ Winterdream when car camping. After dialing in the extensions I began to wonder just how water tight the tarp was going to be over the stand.
    I see now that the placement of the hammock suspension is going to be critical in preventing water migrating down into the hammock. That got me wondering about water migrating down the poles of the stand as well.

    I have only used the stand in fair weather conditions so far. Has anyone considered how to set up effective water breaks for the stand as well as the hammock? I can see the possibility in a real heavy rain of water running down the poles and pooling under the hammock. Am I overthinking this?
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    Rain water will travel down the poles from the relatively small collection point at the top to the fulcrum point at the bottom. But don't over think it because however much water actually makes it to the bottom is unlikely to be enough to worry about as far as pooling. It won't be directly under you. Just make sure you set up so that your hammock does not touch a pole.

    On the other hand, if it is raining so hard and so long that a pool does actually form, I'm thinking that you will have other much larger problems to deal with - like pools of water flowing under you that came from sources other than your poles.
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    I used my Tensa4 for the first time last week camping in my daughter's backyard in Detroit area. Long story on why I needed to camp in the backyard. Mostly due to a new baby in the house and space.

    I have the tarp extensions and they took a bit trial and error to mount. But once I figured out to tighten the two connectors around the Tensa poles, tarp worked OK. I didn't get a chance to try it out in heavy rain however. But I made a note in future set ups to pay attention to how well I can close the doors on my tarp. I have a SuperFly and 11' Warbonnet XLC hammock. I normally hang my tarp with Dutchware clips attaching each end of the hammock to a tree. Don't use a continuous loop very often. I hadn't realized that my tree tarp hang was a little higher above the hammock than seems possible with the Tensa tarp extensions. The way my tarp was positioned on the Tensa last week would have made it a little more difficult to close the doors. Had to do with how close the tarp was to the end of my hammock. My next try will have the hammock a little tighter to the stand ends. This ought to add some extra inches of overhang for the tarp.

    I like the stand. Will be handy for car camping where hanging isn't allowed and near the seashore. Might try it on a mountain bald some day.

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    You'll be fine. Here is a link where I went through the night with the remains of a hurricane last year. Flooded the entire area in 2"-3" of water and I stayed high and dry in my Tensa stand.
    Tensahedron Stand Field Test in Tropical Storm Gordon.

    For suspension tie a little piece of string as a water break done deal.

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