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    hammock lab.jpg
    This is my set up - not exactly a pergola more like a "gateway" but it works well - I will finish this by adding wooden pickets to cover the metal poles.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dakotaross View Post
    Very interested in your finished project. Iíve long thought of doing something as sort of a nod to AT shelters. Not because I love shelters so much, but that they are iconic. Something like a lean-to with no sides, or maybe one back side privacy wall. Would like to get an idea of cost for dimensions used.

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    This is my thought but with 4x4 steel posts

    Lean Too Hammock Shelter.jpg

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    Morning all, haven't posted in awhile. We are moving from a house with lots of trees to hang from to a house with no trees to have from and was wondering if anyone has made a pergola / gazebo alternatives for hammock use.
    It needs to be able to accommodate 4 hammocks with one of them being a Clark Vertex. Any ideas would be appreciated.

    I am just wondering how many people in here have tackled their own gazebo/pergola? Not too sure of the technical term really. We have a space off our living room/kitchen area and I keep looking at it thinking "how lovely it would look all decked and with a pitched roof over top". It would have to be freestanding but the main plan would be to eventually deck the area too (once we fill the old well in or somehow build over it. I think I have enough of an idea to get started but its the roof I cannot wrap my head around. It would need to be pitched to cover the span of the area and to tie in with the old home. I cannot seem to find any useful plans online or even just a picture step by step instruction. How hard is it really??

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    As long as you have a support timber/lumber running parallel with the hammock(s) you should be fine. Don't sue me if you botch it.

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