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Thread: First rain fly

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    Quote Originally Posted by LuvmyBonnet View Post
    I wish you luck with the Blizzard Blanket but if thats made the way I think it is you will probably have a problem with condensation. If you find just laying in a hammock is comfortable and you can sleep in it, definitely get an UQ! you won't be disappointed.
    If you leave a bit of a gap between the hammock and the blanket, then the condensation shouldn't be much of a problem, since there's no insulation there to get wet.

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    Ahhh! So you hang it under your hammock like an UQ and not sleeping on it in the hammock?
    Hanging in the woods, paddlin and catching trout- My kind of living...

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    Underground Quilts Penny Pincher Tarps

    Quote Originally Posted by deejayen View Post
    I was given a Hennessy Hammock - it's a good few years old, but I think it might be an Ultralite Backpacker with bottom entry. It also has snakeskins - but no tarp! The owner kept the tarp for his tarp-based camping trips.

    So, I'm looking for a tarp, and thought I might buy a Hennessy Hyperlite tarp. I'd sometimes be using the hammock when cycle touring, so light weight is fairly important. However, I'm in Scotland (UK) so I'm not sure if the Hyperlite rain fly would be okay. Actually, I would probably have bought it by now, but the Hennessy UK site charges quite a lot for shipping, so I thought I'd look to add something else to my order to bring the total up to qualify for free shipping, but then I couldn't decide on what to buy!

    I then started to wonder if it would be more sensible to buy a complete hammock system (maybe the Hennessy Hyperlite) or a different make, such as a DD Hammock or a Kammok, for example. There are so many options, even with regard to suspension systems!

    Anyway, do you think I'd be wiser to just buy a tarp for my Hennessey, and if so, which tarp, or should I basically start afresh with a different hammock system?

    For me, sleeping in a hammock is more about comfort than about weight. If the Hennesy hammock works for you, stick with it.
    Hammock setups are not going to be as lights as a baclpacking tent (for example). A few have mentioned the hennesy tarp and DD not being the lightest; who cares? Get what's comfortable. Also, it depends on what type of camping you're doing. If you're not hiking in a far distance, don't worry as much about weight as what keeps you covered.
    I don't know about shipping and duty costs of shipping from USA to Scotland, but I would highly reccomend the "Penny Pincher Tarps" from Underground quilts. They are handmade and HUGE and cost effective at around $90 USD. Weight is also pretty good. I have a Hanger 12' and love it.

    Good luck and happy hanging!

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    Thanks very much for all the additional help - lots to think about!

    The weather hasn't been great, but I'm hoping to try the hammock in the garden on a nice day/evening and see how I get on with it without a tarp. If all seems fine, I'll then need to decide between a tiny tarp and one which gives more coverage. I can see the need for more than one tarp, so it's just a question of which to buy first. Perhaps a larger one would be more useful, albeit at the expense of weight and bulk.

    I'll also have to work out how to hang the tarp - I had thought it would just clip to the Hennessy ridge line, but I've seen some comments about that not being a good solution. However, I'm still confused about alternative ridgeline and tarp-hanging options!

    I've also thought a bit more about the Blizzard blanket. I had intended to strap it up under the hammock, but I've just realised the bottom entry of the Hennessy might make things more difficult. However, that project can probably wait until I've tried out the hammock again.

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