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    Off to Western PA

    Hey, all!
    Just a note in anticipation of my trip this week- 2 weeks in Western PA near Butler and New Castle- (right across the interstate from Moraine State park), with a group that re-created the Middle Ages- Pennsic War for those of you familiar with the Society for Creative Anachronism. (
    I will attempt to recruit new hangers by building and displaying (and using) a speer-type hammock made of "period" materials- ie canvas or heavy linen and manila rope!
    Wish me luck!
    Hugs to all, Betsy
    PS we are leaving Thursday around lunch-ish so any messages after that might not be read till my return, or whenever I can hi-jack a computer...

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    DIY, gathered end , w/ spreader
    DIY w/ pull-outs
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    hey betsy, that sounds exciting. i hope you'll take pictures... especially of your hammock experimentation.
    i believe there are several HF members in that general area. maybe they will see your post & chime in before you leave. ...tim
    don`t leave the CREATOR out of the creation!

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    yeah I'm 20 minutes away from there. Every year I am amazed at how many people are thereas I go by on the interstate. It looks huge but I have never been to the event.maybe I will have to go look at your hammck setup. Hope you have fun, Let me know if you need anything while you're up here in PA.

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    Thanks very much! Try for more information. unfortunately they charge you at the gate for the full event- no day by day prices.. I will get some digital photos and post them to the archives when I get back; you are forewarned that there will be funny clothing on display...
    You all have fun while I'm gone, Betsy

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