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    Insulation value of an UQ when folded

    Just purchased a Phoenix 20 UQ that will replace the NeoAir XTherm in my kit. Did some forum searches on the "going to the ground" topic and decided to follow the mantra of some previous posters - "Just don't go to the ground!" The plan is to leave the 7 oz section of Therm-a-Rest Z Lite at home. With the addition of the InReach Mini & orange pack cover for hunting season & a few other safety items, I'm trying to keep my pack list from getting out of control.

    In the rare event that trees cannot be found suitable for hanging, the plan is to lay the Polycro ground sheet and rain jacket on the ground. I will sleep between a folded UQ and TQ with the backpack under my legs. My question is this, will there be SOME insulation from the UQ if it is folded and placed underneath me, or should it be placed on top?

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    It would be the same as sleeping in a sleeping bag without a pad... if that works for you, you're all set.

    It doesn't work for me, that's why I carry 2/3rds of a z-rest.

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