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    WBRR fabric weight rating

    Just a quick question, there are two types of fabric available, 30 d and 40 d (the dream tex) I know technically the double layer RR is rated to 250 lbs, but.....would it be too much of a leap to maybe say the 40 d is a bit stronger and can handle a little more weight? (I remember reading that the main reason for the weight limit was not so much the fabric but the limitations of the spreader bars--i use heavy duty ones so thats not an issue----plan B would be for me to lose a few pounds, but lets explore all the options first!)
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    Both fabrics are un-even weaves, meaning there are more yarns in one direction than the other, the 30d is heavier in the fill direction, the DT heavier in the warp. The fill strength for each is about the same so "for a Ridgerunner" they are going to be about the same strength, for an end gathered hammock the DT is way stronger...hope that makes sense

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